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198 Years of History and Counting

59 Years - 1824-188?


  • Jacob Shively purchased 140+ acres around the Sulphur Lick Springs area.

  • Indians and others discover Sulphur Spring water, and come to bathe and stay nearby. Popularity increases.

47 Years - 1883-1930?

Hotel Haydays

  • Purchased by Curtis Baker, then passed on to Matt & Edith Riddle

  • House was enlarged, cottages added

  • Railway stop added nearby, increased popularity, nearby hotels built

  • Another addition with dining room and additional rooms.


27 Years - 1930?-1957


  • great depression / rail service stopped

  • ceased hotel operations

  • water still sold

36 Years - 1957-1993

Private Vacation Home

  • Purchased by Ben & Margie Horn

  • used as private vacation home

  • water was still sold for a few more years


13 Years - 1993-2006

Visions of Bed&Breakfast

  • Purchased by Susan Goldsberry, Sally Schultz

  • plans to renovate to B&B but funding was not able to be obtained

16 Years - 2006-2022

Renovation into a Sanctuary

  • Purchased by David and Becky Britt

  • renovated, used as home and sanctuary for girls

What are the Odds?!
  • We moved here from the same Virginia county as Jacob Shively did almost 200 years ago - when he purchased the land surrounding the Hotel.

  • Jeigh Truesdale was born in the same Indiana town where the original owner of the Hotel retired.

And Counting ... 2022-

Transition to Retreat Center

  • Purchased by Steve and Jeigh Truesdale

  • Further Renovation

  • Put rooms on AirBnb

  • Add Bed & Breakfast Services

  • Add Retreat Servcies

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