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Wooded Driveway leading past Hotel

A Safe Place to Land

What We've Been Up To



Come stay and relax in one of our rooms!

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We have been busy preparing spaces to welcome you

Outdoor Summer Party


We look forward to hosting many community events at the hotel.   

Tour Sign


Let us know if you'd like to come by.  We would love to give you a tour.

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My Father's Refuge Farm

We have a small farm on the grounds - (which means farm fresh eggs!)

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Take a Trip Back in Time

A History of the Sulphur Lick Hotel

We are waiting for you!

We are the Truesdale’s - family of 13 and new owners of the Sulphur Lick Hotel.

The Hotel captured our attention as we were looking for somewhere to spend our years building a place of peace and refuge for those who need a place to rest and let God reveal Himself the them. We believe this is becoming even more of a need in these divisive times.

We will be making some updates over the coming months in preparation for re-opening it as a place of rest and ministry.

A bit about ourselves. We grew up in Wisconsin and Indiana, and later moved to northern Virginia until May 2022. We have 6 children with us in OH, and have 5 grown children in Virginia, Florida, and Indiana.

(yes they are all ours. No, none of them are twins. No we are not Mormon. No we are not Catholic. Yes they are all a blast!

We have homeschooled for 2 decades, been married for 3 decades, and learned to trust God through all of it. We look forward to opening up this storied house to welcome others in the future.

True Rest

A place of rest where God is central, where someone who is stressed can come to rest,  where we can have deep conversation and build community - through retreats, concerts, times of reflection, etc.

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